Clara Mae Can’t Let Go On Synth-Pop Gem “Unmiss You”

Mike Wass | November 10, 2019 8:31 pm
Clara Mae Strips Back 'I Forgot'
The Swedish pop star delivers a stripped-back version of 'I Forgot.'

Clara Mae is seriously going through it on new single, “Unmiss You.” Co-written with Linnea Sodahl, Cassandra Ströberg and Daylight, the track is about holding on to a relationship that has already run its course. “Leaving the lights on if you wanna drop by, even my phone’s on if you feel like calling me later tonight,” the Swedish pop star sings over crisp synths in the opening verse. Like every other person who has lived on planet earth, she wishes breakups were a little less soul-destroying.

“I wish I could unmiss you, reverse the time so I could unmeet you,” Clara sings on the chorus. “It would have made it so much easier, easier.” Yep, it would be nice. “[The song] is about wanting to erase all memories that you have with someone, even the beautiful ones, just to make the hurting stop,” the “I Forgot” singer explains. “You wish you never met or fell for that person and never shared all those amazing moments — it would be so much easier.” Listen to Clara’s latest perfect pop song below.

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