In The Zone: Revisiting Britney Spears’ Iconic 2003

Mike Nied | November 11, 2019 11:17 am

Britney Spears blessed us with eight excellent albums (and the alright but less spectacular Britney Jean) over the years. With such a flawless discography, it is basically impossible to pick favorites. Forcing someone to do so is downright cruel, actually. But it’s widely acknowledged that one of her best is In The Zone. One-third of many fans Holy Trinity (mine also includes Blackout and Glory), B’s fourth LP is a special one. In fact, I’d go as far as to say it signifies a Golden Age in Spearstory. After toeing the line between girl- and adulthood on 2001’s self-titled, she emerged fully liberated and self-assured in 2003. And she was glorious in her newfound confidence.

That comes across perfectly on the album, which became her fourth consecutive release to top the Billboard 200. Yes, this is what they mean by legends only. It’s also evident in every photo of Britney throughout the year. Although In The Zone didn’t arrive until November 16, the lead-up to the era was action-packed. Everyone wanted a piece of the Princess of Pop, and she graciously delivered time after time. In honor of the iconic album’s anniversary, I took a trip down memory lane to put together a photo gallery of everything B gave us. What all went down?

Well, obviously there was The Kiss at the VMAs. For those keeping track, that made for Brit’s fourth unforgettable performance in VMAs history. Of course we got that Pepsi commercial. You know the one where she, Beyoncé and Pink got together to take down the patriarchy and cover a Queen classic. Talk about being unforgettable and ahead of its time. She also electrified the stage at the American Music Awards, made the gays care about sports with a headline event at the NFL Kickoff Live and earned her star on The Hollywood Walk Of Fame. You want more? Well, you’re in luck.

She certainly gave us more. I’d like to highlight a flawless performance on TRL and all the time she spent in the presence of fellow legends. Really, they don’t make eras like this one anymore. The only thing missing is B-Girl’s short-lived Onyx Hotel Tour (one of her best shows), which took place the following year. Scroll through the gallery up top to revisit a time when life was easier and the Princess was at the absolute top of her game. After doing that, check out the era’s fantastic music videos below.

“Me Against The Music”



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