Glowie’s “Unlovable” Is A Feel-Good Bop With An Important Message

Mike Wass | November 11, 2019 1:45 am

Scandinavia is a well-known hotspot for pop music, but most of internationally-recognized acts tend to come from Sweden and Norway. Iceland’s Glowie is about to change all that. The 22-year-old went viral with hard-hitting anthems “Cruel” and “Body,” which both feature on her critically acclaimed debut EP. She should reach an even bigger audience with “Unlovable.” Sara Pétursdóttir (her real name) sends out a timely message of support for anyone going through it on the instantly catchy pop song.

“Show me where you’re hurting, swimming in the deep end,” Glowie sings in a verse. “Don’t say you deserve it, when nobody else understands.” She then offers a shoulder to cry on in the chorus. “Just know, I’m still here,” the breakout star promises. “I still care when you feel alone and unlovable.” What inspired the track? “The first thing that came to mind were the people I’ve connected with through my music, and the conversations I’ve had with them over the last few years,” Glowie reveals.

“I love how comforting this song is, it’s all love and support, something that we all need, something that’s important that we all give to each other,” she continues. “I’m very open and honest, I talk about my experiences of being a woman in this world, of being a survivor of sexual abuse, dealing with anxiety and depression and other people open up to me about their experiences.” Glowie conveys this strength and openness in the striking video, which you can (and should) watch below.

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