New Find: John Splithoff’s “Like You Talk To Me” Is Seriously Catchy

Mike Wass | November 12, 2019 6:25 pm
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John Splithoff made serious waves in 2018 when “Sing To You” caught fire on HAC radio and went on to rack up more than 45 million cumulative streams. The NYC singer followed it up with a well-received EP called Make It Happen, and kept the momentum going in 2019 with “Proud.” John now returns with the instantly-hummable “Like You Talk To Me” — a track that finds him adding synths to his signature soul/pop sound. “But your love is like a lighthouse, brings me back to dry land,” he croons. “I’ll rewind back to right now, fast forward to your bed.”

The breakout star then lays down a challenge on the chorus: “Touch me like you talk to me, say everything you wanna say.” What’s it all about? “I wrote ‘Like You Talk to Me’ in the middle of winter in NYC while anticipating warmer weather,” John explains. “I felt the need to make something that would feel good to hear outdoors. Since the words describe a helpless, blissful feeling of being enamored by someone, I wanted the romantic lyrics and track to focus more on creating a mood rather than telling a specific story.”

Listen to the Aalias-produced track below.

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