Premiere: Little Hurt Reminds Us “It’s Ok Not To Be Ok”

Mike Wass | November 14, 2019 12:00 pm

After nearly a decade fronting indie-rock outfit The Mowgli’s, Colin Dieden launched his solo project earlier this year under the moniker Little Hurt. He came out swinging with “Good As It Gets,” but “It’s Ok Not To Be Ok” is even better. An uplifting anthem about owning the right to be in a less than ideal headspace, this is as catchy as it is relatable. “It’s been a shitty month blaming everyone, don’t wanna see anyone,” Little Hurt sings over Ruffian’s alt-pop production. “Now I’m wasted and I’m jaded, all of the shit I created is on me.”

The song really soars when the sing-along chorus kicks in. “But even through all of my mistakes, It’s ok not to be okay,” he chants. “It’s okay if your heart breaks, it’s okay if you’re lost in space.” Co-written with Cameron Walker-Wright (of TWIN XL) and Jordan Witzigreuter (of The Ready Set), “It’s Ok Not To Be Ok” is an inner pep-talk. “I wrote [it] as a reminder to take it easy on myself and to recognize that not every moment is going to be easy, and not every day is going to be great,” Colin reveals.

It’s an important message. And in order to help spread it, Little Hurt has teamed up with mental health organization Hope For The Day. We are very excited to premiere the song and the Nick Slatkin-directed video below. It features furries, glitter vomit and a game of beer pong.

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