Premiere: JORDY Returns To The Scene Of Heartbreak In The “Close To You” Video

Mike Nied | November 14, 2019 12:46 pm

Los Angeles-based pop artist JORDY has a hit on his hands with new single “Close To You.” The up-and-comer established himself as One To Watch with this year’s WELCOME TO THE FRIEND ZONE. And his latest picks up where the EP left off. On it, he documents the difficult situation of trying to maintain some sort of connection with an ex. “I wanna be close to you. I know that it’s worth it,” he admits. However, that hard-fought friendship does not come easily. More specifically, it forces the rising star to confront the question of how much he wants to give. “But what am I supposed to do? ‘Cause it feels like we’re either too close or not close enough.”

“‘Close To You’ explores the blurry line with how close you want to keep someone in your life,” the Chicago native told me. “How much space you need, how much love is still there, and how hard it is to be on both sides of that blurred line.” He also opened up about writing the song with Charlee Nyman, Joel Gunnarsson and Jeoff Harris. “We were digging into a piece of me that was struggling with the relationship I was maintaining with my ex,” he said. “I talked about how when we got too close, I would start to miss him, but when we weren’t close enough, I would still miss him. So we started there, and the song just poured out of us.”

The relatable anthem could easily take the up-and-comer to the next level. And it gets even better. Today (November 14), we’re partnering with JORDY to bring you a first look at the accompanying video. Directed and produced by close friend Ryan Wagner, it captures his return to Boston. Why? “We decided to head to Boston, which is where I went to college and where my relationship took place, and essentially documented me being there for the first time since I left.” Despite the emotional tone of the song, the end result is surprisingly upbeat. “Ryan was really adamant from the very beginning that we weren’t going to make a depressing video, and kind of let the sadness of the song speak for itself,” he explained.

“The video shows me smiling a lot, and we felt that the bitter-sweetness would hit people harder. There might not ever be a perfect answer to being too close or not close enough, but creating this song and video healed me in so many ways,” he said. “I am so happy it’s out in the world.” We’re proud to premiere JORDY’s “Close To You” video below.

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