Hayley Kiyoko Wants To Know Where She Stands On “L.O.V.E Me”

Mike Wass | November 15, 2019 12:00 am
Hayley Kiyoko Returns With 'I Wish'
Lesbian Jesus is back with the first single from her sophomore LP.

Hayley Kiyoko rolls out “L.O.V.E Me” as the third song from her sophomore project, I’M TOO SENSITIVE FOR THIS SHIT. As usual, Lesbian Jesus comes through with a bop. This time about not knowing where you stand in a relationship. “I would go to bat and take the L for you, but would you do the same for me?” the 28-year-old ponders. “I would go through heaven and hell for you, if you’re always honest with me.” In order to remedy the lack of trust, Hayley comes up with an unusual yet fundamentally sound plan.

“I’m gonna kiss you in front of everybody that wants to be your honey,” she declares. “If you have a problem, don’t tell me you love me.” That’s one way to stake your claim. Where does the spelling from the title come in? In the post-chorus. “L.O.V.E me,” Hayley purrs. “Let me be, be your company.” All of the songs from I’M TOO SENSITIVE FOR THIS SHIT (due in January, 2020) have been quality but “L.O.V.E Me” is more instant, and possibly more relatable, than “I Wish” or “Demons.” Listen to the breakout star’s new track below.

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