Maja Kristina Follows Up “No Fake Love” With “Idiot”

Mike Wass | November 14, 2019 11:44 pm
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Maja Kristina’s “No Fake Love” stood out as one of the better debut singles of 2018, and went on to rack up more than five million streams. Instead of rushing out more music, the Swedish pop star honed her craft under the watchful eye of Rami Yacoub at Max Martin’s MXM. She finally returned last week with a brand new track. Co-written with Yacoub, Robin Tadross and Simon Strömstedt, “Idiot” is a striking change of pace. Instead of the dance-pop of her debut, this is distinctly darker and more alt-leaning.

“It’s hard to meet you halfway, when you don’t know what halfway is,” Maja begins the song. “Confuse me for a stranger, when all we ever do is kiss.” By the chorus, she has had enough. “So fuck it, do somebody else,” she declares. “‘Cause I’m no longer out get down.” The talented newcomer then drives the message home. “It’s not a tale ’bout happiness, it’s just a story with an idiot and I guess then you’re the idiot.” Well, then. Maja dropped a video today (November 14) and it’s a suitably moody affair. Watch below.

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