These Facts About Rat Pack Member Dean Martin Will Have You Singing That’s Amore

Kelsey Berish | November 20, 2019 7:27 pm

For nearly 50 years, Dean Martin was the household name when it came to entertainment. He was a skilled singer, and a hysterical comedian when paired up with Jerry Lewis. Not to mention he starred in many classic films.

Many remember Martin as a member of the partying yet talented Rat Pack group, headed by Frank Sinatra. With the help of the Pack, Martin’s fame rose even higher. But while his crew was out all hours, Dean was actually at home with his children. Who would have thought? These facts will have you falling back in amore with this Rat Pack member.

He Didn’t Speak English Until He Was Five

Dean Martin was born Dino Paul Crocetti, and if you couldn’t tell by his name, he grew up in a very Italian family. Because his father was an Italian immigrant and his mother was Italian-American, Martin didn’t learn how to speak English until he was five years old, speaking Italian while at home.

He Didn't Speak English Until He Was Five
Henry Gris/FPG/Getty Images
Henry Gris/FPG/Getty Images

In school, he struggled to learn the new language while also trying to befriend his classmates, which wasn’t easy.