Breakout Star Faouzia Soars On New Single “Tears Of Gold”

Mike Wass | November 21, 2019 12:58 am
Faouzia's 'You Don't Even Know Me'
The 19-year-old cements her status as One To Watch with 'You Don't Even Know Me.'

19-year-old Faouzia has been steadily building hype since making a surprise appearance on David Guetta’s 7. (She featured on album highlight, “Battle”). Since then, the Moroccan-born singer/songwriter has released a string of very good singles including “Born Without A Heart” and “You Don’t Even Know Me.” The talented teenager takes it to the next level, however, on “Tears Of Gold” — a soaring anthem about being bled dry emotionally. “Know that this is my fault, gave a little too much,” she begins. “Knew that this was gonna happen.”

Faouzia then pulls the vocal trigger on the chorus. “Don’t you know that I cried tears of gold for you,” the newcomer belts. “I sit here poor for you, collect my pennies and my dimes.” She sheds a little more light on “Tears Of Gold” in the press release. “This is for everyone that gave a little too much,” the breakout star explains. “I’d love for listeners to hear what they need from my music. Whether it’s a dose of happiness or healing or even a sad song that they can relate to, I want my music to be a safe place.”

Having laid the groundwork this year, Faouzia is due for massive 2020. Watch her striking “Tears Of Gold” video below.

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