Bops On Bops: Nasty Cherry Rolls Out Debut EP ‘Season 1’

Mike Wass | November 22, 2019 1:37 pm
Nasty Cherry Debuts With 'Win'
Charli XCX's alt-pop girl group Nasty Cherry debuts with a banger called 'Win.'

Nasty Cherry hasn’t put a (collective) foot wrong since debuting with “Win.” Since then, the alt-pop girl group has showcased their versatility with campy bops like “Music With Your Dad” and dreamy, ’80s-inspired gems like “Live Forever.” All of those songs feature on the band’s just-released debut EP, Season 1. In fact, the only single not to make the cut is “What Do You Like In Me?”… and that’s probably for the best. This is a case of all killer, no filler from the opening track to the last.

While we’re on the topic of the EP opener, “Brain Soup” is a glorious throwback to Prince’s profanity-loving Vanity 6. Produced by Andrew Wyatt, the track exudes attitude with every sarcastic lyric and retro synth. After spelling out their band name, Nasty Cherry goes full vamp on the chorus. “I’ve got brain soup when I’m with you,” frontwoman Gabbriette Bechtel coos. “Been looking at your hair for so long.” If you’re looking for something a little less niche, “Fuck Modern Love” is an alt-pop anthem for the ages.

“Eyes misting over and no real concern, speeding over 98,” our heroine sings over Pete Robertson’s hazy, shoe-gazing production. “Rear view mirror filled with disco lights, losing any sense of time.” It turns out that she’s really going through it. “I’m feeling little bit mad so I wanna go fast today, I’m gonna get in my car, gonna drive in the other way,” she laments. “I’m screaming, ‘Fuck it,’ to modern love.” Honestly, a mood. Listen to Nasty Cherry’s debut EP below and watch their hugely entertaining docu-series on Netflix.

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