Stephen Puth Learns His Lesson On “Crying My Eyes Out”

Mike Wass | December 13, 2019 12:10 pm
Stephen Puth Interview
We speak to the breakout star about 'Sexual Vibe' and his debut EP.

EDIT: Stephen has released the video for “Crying My Eyes Out.” Watch it below.

Stephen Puth debuted late last year with a boozy party anthem called “Sexual Vibe.” The 25-year-old upped the ante with “Half Gone” (one of 2019’s most slept-on tracks) and then collaborated with his brother (AKA Charlie Puth) on “Look Away.” He now returns with another earworm. “Crying My Eyes Out” is a breezy, mid-tempo pop song about realizing that you messed up. “You were right, I was wrong,” the breakout star admits. “I am weak, you are strong.” Stephen is really going through it by the time the chorus hits.

“Another night of crying my eyes out, thinking of you,” he laments. “What do I do?” The answer, it seems, is beg. (In all fairness, it usually works). “I can’t sleep when you’re gone, I should’ve put you first,” Stephen professes over strummed guitar. “Now I know you deserve, everything in this world.” As with all of the newcomer’s other singles, this straddles the lines of pop, R&B and adult contemporary in a way that feels fresh and playlist-friendly. Listen to “Crying My Eyes Out” below.

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