New Find: Gracie Abrams Builds Momentum With “Stay”

Mike Wass | November 23, 2019 2:47 pm
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EDIT: The post has been updated with Gracie’s intimate “Stay” video. Watch the visual diary below.

Gracie Abrams ranks as one of 2019’s most exciting newcomers thanks to stripped-back gems like “Minor” and “Mean It.” The 20-year-old now ups the ante with “Stay.” Co-produced with Sam De Jong, this is a bare-bones ballad doubling as an apology. Or, more accurately, an offer to call a true for even one night. “You told me something when I left but I don’t remember, maybe ’cause all I could do then was stare at the floor,” she begins the song over strummed guitar. “I held myself ’cause you wouldn’t, all wrapped in my sweatshirt.”

By the time the emotional chorus arrives, Gracie is ready to wave the white flag. “I don’t even have to stay but if I woke up with you in the morning, I’d forget all the ways that we’re broken,” the breakout star suggests. “I don’t care if you’ve changed, I don’t even have to stay.” As with all good singer/songwriters, Gracie knows that a song’s ability to connect with the listener is all in the details. And “Stay” is sprinkled in little memories and moments that elevates it. She is definitely One To Watch in 2020. Listen below.

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