Louis Tomlinson Soars On “Don’t Let It Break Your Heart”

Mike Wass | December 2, 2019 12:20 pm
Louis Tomlinson Interview
The Brit opens up about his debut album & upcoming tour in our Q&A.

EDIT: The post has been updated with Louis’ “Don’t Let It Break Your Heart” video. Watch it below.

Louis Tomlinson’s debut LP is coming together nicely. The fourth single from Walls (due January 31, 2020) arrives today and it’s a touching anthem about moving forward in the face of hardship. Produced by Steve Mac, “Don’t Let It Break Your Heart” rivals “Two Of Us” as the Brit’s best solo single. “Life gets hard and it gets messed up when you give so much, but it’s not enough,” he sings. “When the high’s too high and the low’s too low, when you love someone and they let you go.”

The 27-year-old then doles out some good advice on the chorus. “Don’t you let it kill you, even when it hurts like hell,” he belts. “Oh whatever tears you apart, don’t let it break your heart.” It’s anthemic, uplifting and very radio-friendly. “‘Don’t Let It Break Your Heart’ is a song I’m really proud of,” Louis reveals in the press release. “It’s a song about hope and seeing the glass as half full.” On the strength of this song (below), “Two Of Us,” “Kill My Mind” and “We Made It,” Walls is shaping up to be essential listening.

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