Mabel Isn’t Feeling Very Festive On “Loneliest Time Of The Year”

Mike Wass | November 24, 2019 2:28 pm
Mabel Talks 'Don't Call Me Up'
We chat with the UK pop star about her rising hit, debut album and next move.

EDIT: The post has been updated with Mabel’s moody “Loneliest Time Of Year” video. Watch it below.

After consistently racking up hits in the UK for a couple of years, Mabel broke internationally in 2019 thanks to the irresistible “Don’t Call Me Up.” The 23-year-old then rolled out her (very good) debut LP, High Expectations, and immediately started touring. She now winds up what can only be described as a banner year with a wonderfully miserable Christmas carol. If the sight of tinsel and wrapping paper automatically turns you into a Grinch, “Loneliest Time Of The Year” is the song for you.

“Sorry I’m not so merry, but I feel like this yearly,” Mabel begins the track. “Christmas time isn’t my vibe, brings no joy into my life.” Like many people, the breakout star finds the holidays all kinds of depressing. The blatant consumerism also makes her uneasy when there’s so much suffering in the world. However, she takes comfort in knowing she’s not alone. “But I know if I’m feeling lonely, I can’t be the only one drowning in my tears,” Mabel belts on the chorus. “So somebody show me, how am I supposed to have fun at the loneliest time of year?”

Listen to Mabel’s refreshingly realistic Christmas song below.

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