Lost Hit: Kylie Minogue’s “Every Little Part Of Me” Should Have Been A Single

Mike Wass | November 26, 2019 2:55 pm
Kylie Minogue's 'Golden': Album Review
We dissect Kylie's country-pop reinvention on 2018's very good 'Golden.'

When it comes to maddening singles choices, Kylie Minogue is a repeat offender. The Gays (™) are still fuming that “Better Than Today” was released as the third single from Aphrodite ahead of literal classics like “Closer” and “Cupid Boy,” while “I Was Gonna Cancel” remains a dark time for the fandom. To make matters worse, the pop icon has a habit of turning single-worthy gems into bonus tracks. “Tightrope” is a hill that I’m more than willing to die on, “Rippin’ Up the Disco” deserved better and don’t even get me started on “Heartstrings.”

As such, it shouldn’t have come as too much surprise that the bonus tracks on Golden are essential listening. One, in particular, rivals “Lost Without You” as the album’s hidden treasure (or lost hit). “Every Little Part Of Me” finds the perfect middle ground between country and Kylie’s trademark dance-pop. It’s also deceptively profound. While Sky Adams’ giddy production is a flurry of synths, the lyrics are about reaching the point where you’re grown and confident enough to wear your baggage like a badge of honor.

“When I love, I come with scars,” Kylie begins the dizzying bop. “I come with more than enough of those things that you don’t think you want.” The legendary diva realizes that all of her emotional bruises shaped who she is today. “Every time I fell, heaven up to hell,” she sings on the instantly catchy chorus. “Baby you’re discovering that if you wanna love me, you got to love every little part of me.” Thematically, this is a refreshingly mature. Sonically, it wouldn’t sound out of place on Light Years. It’s a win/win.

I’m not sure if “Every Little Part Of Me” would have cut through the noise, but it surely would have stood a better chance than songs like “A Lifetime To Repair” and “Sincerely Yours.” Revisit the slept-on gem below.

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