Alanis Morissette Drops “Reasons I Drink,” Announces New LP

Mike Wass | February 27, 2019 9:00 am

EDIT: The post has been updated with the video for “Reasons I Drink,” which takes place in an AA meeting. Check it out below.

Well, this is cause for celebration! Alanis Morissette just released her first new single in five years. (Yes, “The Morning” and “Today” count). The wonderfully-titled “Reasons I Drink” is quintessentially Alanis in that it’s a stream-of-consciousness diary entry that somehow still works as a pop/rock song. “These are the reasons I drink, the reasons I tell everybody I’m fine even though I am not,” she begins the anthem. “These are the reasons I overdo it, I have been working since I can remember.”

It turns out that one of the many thorns in the 7-time Grammy winner’s side is the (toxic) music industry. However, she finds something akin to peace on the chorus. “Here we are, I feel such rapture and my comfort is so strong,” Alanis belts. “One more hit, it feels so helpful in my need for respite.” Co-written with Michael Farrell and produced by Alex Hope, “Reasons I Drink” is a tantalizing taste of Such Pretty Forks In The Road. The Canadian superstar’s 9th LP drops on May 1 and will be supported with a North American Tour.

There’s another reason Alanis is touring in 2020. Next year marks the 25-anniversary of Jagged Little Pill, an album so iconic it was recently turned into a musical. You can see all the tour dates and organize tickets on her website. No doubt, “reasons I Drink” will be a highlight of the show. Listen below.

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