Kali Uchis Returns With Bilingual Banger “Solita”

Mike Wass | December 18, 2019 12:05 pm

EDIT: The post has been updated with Kali’s eye-popping “Solita” video. Check it out below.

Kali Uchis is back! The 25-year-old made the leap from underground queen to mainstream acclaim with 2018’s Isolation LP and should find an even bigger audience with “Solita.” Produced by Tainy, the bilingual banger (her first) celebrates being single. “I wish I could keep everything that you took from me but the photos,” she coos in an English-language verse. “But you keep a piece of me locked in a safe.” That won’t stop her from moving on, however. “Solita, solita,” Kali sings on the chorus. “Bailando aquí sola, es mejor que con el diablo.”

What does that mean exactly? “I’d rather dance alone than with the devil,” translates the “After The Storm” chanteuse. “This song is about healing, freedom and embracing the mixed emotions that come with that. I hope my fans feel sexy when they listen to it. I’m so excited to share more.” Expectations are high for the breakout star’s sophomore LP. After all, her debut cracked the top 40 and resulted in a slew of high-profile collaborations including the Grammy-nominated “Get You” with Daniel Caesar.

Watch Kali’s “Solita” video below.

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