The Life And Times Of Superstar Garth Brooks

Sara | December 4, 2019 5:43 pm

The best-selling solo artist in the United States, Garth Brooks is a country singer/songwriter, known for his refreshing take on the genre. His success is comparable with the Beatles and Elvis Presley, although his life spans far beyond his work as a musician. Take a look to see what made him such a superstar worldwide, the many records he’s broken, his interests other than music, and some undeniable failures he’s had along the way. This is the life of Garth Brooks.

He Had Multiple Minor League Baseball Contracts

Garth Brooks playing baseball
Andy Lyons/Getty Images
Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Garth Brooks had always been an athlete at heart, even earning a track and field scholarship to Oklahoma State University where he threw the javelin. Then, in 1999, the San Diego Padres signed him in a minor league deal and invited him to play with them during spring training.

During the spring, he played left field with a sub-par batting average of .045. The next year, he signed on to play with the New York Mets, trying his hand at baseball once again in 2004 with the Kansas City Royals.