La Roux’s Comeback Album Takes Shape With “Gullible Fool”

Mike Wass | December 5, 2019 2:41 pm
La Roux Is Back!
Elly Jackson returns with a new single called 'International Woman Of Leisure.'

After a five-year hiatus, La Roux returned to the pop fold in late October with “International Woman Of Leisure.” That shimmery disco-pop moment set the tone for Elly Jackson’s comeback LP, Supervision (due February 7). However, there’s more to the album than retro bangers as “Gullible Fool” proves. Heartbreak is the subject of the much-missed pop star’s latest single. “But I won’t believe in anything, oh I won’t believe in love,” she sings on the chorus. “And I won’t believe in you, gullible fool.”

“It’s the most special and meaningful song on the record for me,” Elly explains in the press release. “It describes the feeling of being overly trusting, and living under the assumption that you shouldn’t need to protect yourself if you are nice to people. I think there comes a day in everyone’s life where you realize that it’s not that people aren’t to be trusted, but more that firm boundaries are necessary. And sometimes that can carry a sadness.” The song was based on personal experience.

“[The song] covers several times in my life when I’ve been bullied and it’s taken me totally by surprise, and then moves into the build of the inner fortress to a place of safety and joy,” Elly elaborates. Watch La Roux’s kaleidoscopic “Gullible Fool” video below.

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