Perfect Pop: “ICIMY” Is Phoebe Ryan’s Catchiest Single To Date

Mike Wass | December 6, 2019 12:57 am
Phoebe Ryan Interview
We speak to the rising pop star about her second EP, songwriting & Britney.

Phoebe Ryan has already released two very good singles in 2019 (“A Thousand Ways” and “Build Me Up”), but “ICIMY” is next-level pop. Equal parts sadness and euphoria, this is the singer/songwriter’s best single to date. “When the sun falls down and there’s no more sound,” she begins the song over plucked guitar and crunching drums. “When you’re no longer around and I lose my faith.” Soothing piano takes over as Phoebe leads us to the chorus. “Who do I call when I fall into something I can’t escape?” the hitmaker asks. “What am I supposed to do in case I miss you?”

It turns out, “ICIMY” was partly inspired by the work of a fellow artist. “I was interested in channeling elements of Sufjan Stevens’ Age of Adz for the album,” Phoebe reveals. “The soundscape and the glitchy-smooth instrumentation has always stuck with me since I first heard it. I remember really wanting to tap into that for this record, and when we were working on ‘ICIMY,’ I felt that spark.” Watch the emotional video, which features non-binary, trans actor and musician Joey Rose, below. Bring on the album!

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