Grace Carter Cements Status As One To Watch With “Amnesia”

Mike Wass | December 6, 2019 3:02 pm

Grace Carter first made waves at the end of 2018 with her sublime Why Her Not Me EP. The Brit then built on that momentum with a series of very good singles including “Fired Up,” “Don’t Hurt Like It Used To” (my favorite) and a killer cover of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game.” She now ups the ante with “Amnesia,” an intensely personal track about healing and forgiveness. “How did you get amnesia, when you promised the most?” the 22-year-old begins the song. “How could you go so far from me, when I needed you close?”

The newcomer achieves clarity on the chorus. “I forgive you for all that you’ve done,” Grace belts. “I forgive you for losing my love and for making me feel like I’m not enough.” It turns out, “Amnesia” is dedicated to the singer/songwriter’s father. “A lot of my songs have been about my childhood and rejection I dealt with growing up,” she reveals. “‘Amnesia’ was written a few months ago the day after I reunited with my father… [it] is me accepting the past and the fact everyone makes human mistakes and we’re all growing. It’s about me choosing to move on.”

Listen to “Amnesia” below.

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