Now, Now Doesn’t Want To Have A “Lonely Christmas”

Mike Wass | December 11, 2019 3:40 am
Now, Now's Cinematic 'MJ' Video
The alt-pop duo's cinematic 'MJ' video is a warped mystery.

Christmas has never been cooler. With everyone from Taylor Swift to Oh Wonder unleashing holiday originals, edgy carolers are now spoilt for choice. Joining the festive revolution is Now, Now. The alt-pop duo’s “Lonely Christmas” is a glittery burst of ’80s synths and misery. “Every single second I’m wishin’ you were here with me, so I can hold you closer by the Christmas tree” KC Dalager laments on the catchy chorus. “It’s Christmas, don’t go leaving me lonely.” Think of it as a slightly more needy “Last Christmas.”

“I had the initial concept idea for this song two years ago while sitting in my car by myself listening to the Christmas station on the radio,” KC reveals. “The world around me was sparkling and cheerful but I couldn’t feel it. So I wanted us to capture that feeling and write a song for anyone else out there who may also be experiencing that.” It turns out, she has always enjoyed festive fare. “Nothing is too much. Nothing is too far. Nothing is too joyous. Nothing is too desperate. I can openly plead with someone to not break my heart in the name of Christmas.”

Listen to the lovely “Lonely Christmas” below.

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