Midnight Kids Cap Breakthrough 2019 With Annika Wells-Assisted “Run It”

Mike Wass | December 11, 2019 2:24 pm

Midnight Kids is a perfect example of quality over quantity. The electronic duo, comprised of Kyle Girard and Dylan Lee, have only released four singles since debuting in 2018, but each one of them has been shimmery, ’80s-evoking bliss. Their latest is no exception. Featuring LA-based singer/songwriter Annika Wells, “Run It” finds the sweet spot between nostalgia (there’s something very John Hughes about the narrative) and dream-pop. In a nutshell, “Run It” is a war cry against growing old.

“I remember when… we would speed down the 405 playing The Who,” Annika begins the song. “We had young blood in our veins and dirt on our shoes.” However, reality quickly started setting in. “Every day the bills keep coming, all the bullshit we’re all stuck in,” she belts on the chorus over cascading synths. “Take me back to when we’d just drive, think it’s time that we said fuck it — red light! Let’s run it.” While you should probably pay attention to traffic signals, this song is very good and very much a mood.

Listen to “Run It” below.

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