Alec Benjamin Is Alone With His Thoughts On “Mind Is A Prison”

Mike Nied | December 23, 2019 1:00 pm

UPDATE: Alec Benjamin dropped his “Mind Is A Prison” video. Watch the innovative release below.

Alec Benjamin proved himself to be One To Watch with the breathtaking success of last year’s Narrated For You. The breakout star’s mixtape perfectly exposes his knack for lyrical storytelling. Not only that, but it also houses streaming behemoth “Let Me Down Slowly.” With more than 473 million Spotify streams to date, the emotional ballad took him to the next level. And Alec hasn’t let us down since. This year the 25-year-old extended his winning streak with “Must Have Been The Wind” and “Jesus In LA.” Both display an even deeper level of creative maturity. And he takes it one step further with “Mind Is A Prison.”

Out today (December 12), Alec’s latest is quite possibly his deepest song to date. “I don’t live in California. I’ll inform you that’s not where I reside. I’m just a tenant paying rent inside this body, and I got two windows. And those windows, well I call them my eyes,” he sings on the opening lines. As the soundscape opens up, we learn that he feels trapped within the confines. “Yeah, my mind is a prison. And I’m never gonna get out,” he laments. This could very easily become the hitmaker’s next big success. And it gets even better. Why’s that? Because a music video is coming in the near future. Based on a teaser on Alec’s Instagram, it’s going to be a must-see.

While we wait to see what he has in store, press play on “Mind Is A Prison” below.

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