Hayley Kiyoko Is Seeking A Reason Not To “runaway” From Love

Mike Nied | December 13, 2019 12:17 am

Hayley Kiyoko’s impeccably titled I’M TOO SENSITIVE FOR THIS SHIT is coming together nicely. The 28-year-old introduced her sophomore project with “I Wish” earlier this year. Since dropping the dreamy bop, she’s gradually built out the tracklist with “Demons” and “L.O.V.E. Me.” Today (December 13) she adds another anthem to the collection with “runaway.” On it, Lesbian Jesus finds herself dealing in matters of the heart. Chiefly, she’s hoping to find someone worth her time. “If it’s not in vain let me hear you say something that won’t make, make me runaway,” the hitmaker sings.

Allow her to reiterate that point. “If you’re not afraid, let me hear you say something that won’t make, make me runaway.” She opened up in a press release. “I don’t want to be let down and if I am, I will spiral,” Hayley explained. I mean, same. “This song is about daring yourself to find someone who won’t trigger you, and to not trigger yourself,” she added. “So many times we only hear what we want to hear because of the baggage we carry. We’re often too quick to overreact before realizing that if you recognize and confront your own issues, you just might give someone a chance to love you and to make you stay.”

The final song off I’M TOO SENSITIVE FOR THIS SHIT is due in January. Based on what we’ve heard so far, I have high expectations. In the meantime, dive into “runaway” below.

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