Lana Del Rey Drops Video For Three Songs Off ‘Norman F***ing Rockwell’

Mike Nied | December 20, 2019 12:45 pm

Lana Del Rey has a generous spirit. Just yesterday (December 19) the chanteuse took to social media to announce plans for a spoken word album. Describing the project as a collection of “freestyle poetry,” she added that it arrives January 4. I still haven’t recovered from that news. However, LDR already moved on to her next gift. Today she rolled out a 14-minute video for three songs off Norman Fucking Rockwell. Directed by Chuck Grant and edited by Lana, it features the album’s title track, “Bartender” and “Happiness is a butterfly.” And it’s predictably sublime.

Opening with “Norman Fucking Rockwell,” the first segment features the hitmaker at the piano and rocking a pair of magical sunglasses. It serves as a strong introduction to the grainy, reality-warping world of her creation. The story continues to unwind as we move into what is possibly my favorite segment – “Bartender.” Here we see Lana and a crew of friends harassing two police officers. Intercut between are moments of her attempting to FaceTime someone by the name of Fuck Boy. Relatable content. There’s more of a wistful and witchy vibe to “Happiness if a butterfly,” which closes things out.

If you ask me, this is the perfect way for the Grammy nominee to cap off an action-packed year. Watch Lana in action below.

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