Madonna Literally Heats Up The Stage During Recent ‘Madame X Tour’ Stop

Mike Nied | December 23, 2019 3:16 pm

You’d best come prepared for any sort of climate when you see Madonna on tour. Why is that? Because the Queen of Pop is in charge of the temperature, and her word is law. Earlier this month she took over the Fillmore in Miami, Florida for the final string of dates on her Madame X Tour this year. And fans in the audience ran into one issue aside from a belated start time. That would be how warm it was. According to a review posted by the Miami New Times, the “God Control” icon opted against using the air conditioning.

When things got too hot, fans chanted a request for the A/C to be turned on several times. However, Madonna was not bothered. In fact, her response was predictably iconic. “Fuck you! I’m cold,” she allegedly declared. She had a bit more to add. “Take your fucking clothes off.” Here’s to seeing what’s on the horizon once the show picks up again in 2020. The living legend kicks things off with a mini-residency in Lisbon, Portugal early January. After that she has dates in both Paris and London. Get ticket info here.

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