Mark Ronson Teases His Involvement In Miley Cyrus’s New Heartbreaker Era

Mike Nied | January 7, 2020 4:51 pm

UPDATE: Is the lead single to Miley’s project “Bad Karma”? Some fans think so after Mark commented “Karma” on several of her posts. Check out the evidence below.

Miley Cyrus kicked off 2020 by letting us know that she was here. To start a new era, that is. However, since then we’ve gotten a couple of teasers but no specific details on who is involved in the project or when new music arrives. That changed today (January 7). Only the information isn’t coming from Miley herself. Instead super-producer Mark Ronson hopped on social media to provide an update. Re-sharing the diva’s promo video, he revealed that he has at least one song on the new collection.

And this is going to be a little different from “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart” or last year’s romantic “The Most.” How so? Well, according to Mark the vibe has shifted. “If 2019 was for the [heart]break, 2020 is for the [heart]breaker’s. Right, Miley,” he teased. It’s like they know exactly what we need to hear. As to a release date… Mark wasn’t sure on those details. “Very psyched for you all to hear this one, whenever mama says it’s ok.” That’s fair. Hopefully the “Slide Away” hitmaker doesn’t leave us waiting too long.

What better way to start off a new year than with a fierce new anthem, after all? Check out Mark’s update below.

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