Amindi & Kari Faux Choose Money Over Men On “Love Em Leave Em”

Mike Wass | January 8, 2020 4:28 pm

After making waves with genre-busting bops like “Pine & Ginger” and “Eggs Aisle,” Amindi is ready to take it to the next level with “Love Em Leave Em.” A sunny blend of dancehall, R&B and pop, the rising star’s latest single is about priorities. Namely, putting money ahead of men. “Trip over a guy, not I,” she begins the song, which features in Tiffany Hadish’s upcoming movie Like A Boss. “That’s really not my style, I’m too fly.” Amindi then lays out her M.O. on the instantly catchy chorus.

“Don’t get too attached, I love em, leave em and I never call them back,” the LA-based newcomer sings. “My mama tells me that I’m too much like my dad, I’m about my paper — run it up, I chase my bag.” That’s when Kari Faux steps in to give the song even more flavor with an educational verse. From Amindi’s confident drawl to the sun-dappled production, everything about “Love Em Leave Em” just works. Watch the fun video, which finds our heroines counting cash and driving around town below.

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