Khalid Throws It Back To Early ’00s R&B on “Eleven”

Mike Wass | January 9, 2020 3:22 pm
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Khalid just doesn’t miss. The unstoppable 21-year-old follows “Up All Night” with a slinky, instantly-addictive bop called “Eleven.” This time around, the “Talk” hitmaker is trying to push back doubts that his crush is cheating… by doing a little investigative work. “Late at night, eleven, we’re cruisin,’ he croons over Simon Says and Digi’s throwback beats. “Lately, I’ve been watchin’ your movements.” If that sounds like a little extreme, our hero has his reasons.

If you’re getting Y2K vibes from “Eleven,” that’s exactly what the Grammy nominee was going for. “My mom lives, breathes, sleeps R&B music, so I really feel like this is the ode to just people who came before me,” Khalid told Zane Lowe on Apple Music’s Beats 1. “It reminds me of that Timbaland era and Aaliyah.” It’s also perfect for late-night drives. “I love making music you can drive to, and I feel like ‘Eleven’ is the perfect track to just play on your stereo, grip the wheel of your car, and… just go where the wind takes you.” Listen to Khalid’s next hit below.

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