Winona Oak Drops Impeccable ‘Closure’ EP, Unveils “Control” Video

Mike Wass | January 14, 2020 4:00 pm
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Well, that didn’t take long! The first great pop EP of 2020 arrived on January 10 and it’s called Closure by Winona Oak. The Swedish newcomer, who features on my list of artists to watch, has been making waves since featuring on The Chainsmokers’ “Hope” in 2018. Since then, she has dropped a steady stream of very, very good singles including “He Don’t Love Me” and “Break My Broken Heart.” While those tracks showcase the 25-year-old’s emo-leanings, her debut EP is an equal mix of mid-tempo sadness and upbeat bops.

A perfect example of the latter is “Control.” Winona’s new single is about the blurred line between love and obsession, a topic she explores over icy synths and propulsive beats. “[It’s] about meeting someone that makes you weak in your knees and never knowing how they actually feel about you,” the breakout star explains. “You make risky decisions, act irrationally and tolerate things you normally wouldn’t. You’re feeling nervous, insecure and are constantly afraid that they are gonna leave you.” Sounds familiar.

Other songs of note on the EP are “Lonely Hearts Club” and “Another Story.” Stream Closure below and watch Winona’s outrageous “Control” video at the bottom of the post.

Stream Winona’s Closure EP:

Watch the “Control” video:

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