Louis Tomlinson Offers Up The Title Track To Debut Album ‘Walls’

Mike Nied | January 20, 2020 12:00 pm

UPDATE: Louis Tomlinson dropped a video in support of “Walls.” Watch the Charlie Lightening-directed release below.

Louis Tomlinson’s Walls is coming together nicely. The 28-year-old drops his long-awaited solo debut January 31. And anticipation continues growing for the project by the day. That’s probably because he keeps besting himself with each new single. Last year the One Direction alum kicked off a very hot streak with his heartfelt ballad “Two Of Us” and the ’90s-referencing “Kill My Mind.” However, he did it one better with “Don’t Let It Break Your Heart” and ups the ante with the LP’s title track. Out today (January 17), “Walls” is another string-led gem with a thoughtful message.

On it, Louis sings about overcoming obstacles between him and a loved one. Interestingly, it opens at what appears to be the end of a relationship. “Nothing wakes you up like waking up alone. And all that’s left of us is a cupboard full of clothes,” he sings. That’s not how it closes out though as evidenced by the emotional chorus. “But these high walls, they came up short. Now I stand taller than them all. These high walls never broke my soul. And I watch them all come falling down. I watch them all come falling down for you.” If the rest of the album is this good, Louis has something special in the works.

Press play on “Walls” below and let us know if you agree.

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