New Find: Gianna Gianna Tears Up The Rulebook On “Unlocked”

Mike Wass | January 17, 2020 4:14 pm

Already the queen of LA’s underground scene and officially the coolest person in the room, Gianna Gianna is now blessing New Music Friday with her wonderfully warped take on arthaus-pop. “Unlocked,” her debut single for Manimal Vinyl, goes a long way to capturing the avant-garde artist’s electric, batshit-crazy live show. There are crashing beats, eerie sounds, distorted vocals and an exhilarating disdain for convention. What’s it all about? It’s probably easier for Gianna Gianna to explain in her own words.

“The lyrics are a metaphor about generally any femme-identifying entity in any relationship,” she begins. “There are in actuality these precious deity-like beings. They are ‘worshipped’ and pursued by a mate. Then when the relationship has run its course, they are tossed away and buried by photos of their ex’s new deity on their Instagram. This song is speaking as the deity getting their revenge.” Listen to the auteur’s new anthem below. It was co-produced with her brother (and fellow BLOK member) Damien Blase.

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