Breakout Star Faouzia Soars On Emotional Anthem “The Road”

Mike Wass | January 22, 2020 5:52 pm
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After a breakthrough 2019, Faouzia wastes no time leaving her mark on 2020. The 19-year-old kicks off the year with a soaring mid-tempo balled called “The Road.” Essentially a mantra about leaving the past behind and focussing on the future, “The Road” perfectly showcases the newcomer’s powerful vocals and knack for penning emotional lyrics. She also rolls out a stunning video (you can watch it below), which begins with an old home movie and ends with Faouzia twirling in a desert.

“[The song] is about the bittersweet moments that make you realize you need to move on,” the Moroccan-born singer/songwriter confides. “It’s about taking all your memories and what you’ve learned and using both to blossom into the next stage of your life.” Faouzia has been steadily building hype since featuring on David Guetta’s “Battle.” Since then, she has released a string of very good singles including “Born Without A Heart,” “You Don’t Even Know Me” and (my favorite) “Tears Of Gold.”

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