Retro Bangers: Calvin Harris Drops ‘Love Regenerator 1’ EP

Mike Nied | January 24, 2020 12:36 am

Well, this is a pleasant surprise. Calvin Harris introduced a new era yesterday (January 23) with the release of an EP called Love Regenerator 1. And it seems the super-producer is throwing it back to his roots this time around. The collection features two songs – “Hypnagogic (I Can’t Wait)” and “CP-1” – alongside two additional edits. Both tracks boast the frenzied beats and retro synths that wouldn’t sound out of place at a rave in the early ’90s. As it turns out, that was the “One Kiss” hitmaker’s intention. He opened up about the sonics in a press release.

“‘Hypnagogic (I Can’t Wait)’ and ‘CP-1’ are the first tracks from my new project Love Regenerator. I wanted to rediscover the way I originally began producing music 22 years ago before I ever thought about how it might be perceived by outside forces. Just pure fun and experimentation with what sounded good to me,” he explained. “The records are inspired by early rave, breaks, techno and house, the music I was obsessed with growing up. In fact, I’ve done everything I can to make them sound like they’ve come from a 1991 time capsule. Every synth and sound used is from that time period.”

The end result is a body of work that stands out from anything else that is dropping at the moment. Hopefully Calvin has more bangers up his sleeve for the near future. In the meantime, press play on “Love Regenerator 1” and check out two new videos below.

Love Regenerator 1

“Hypnagogic (I Can’t Wait)”

“CP-1 [edit]”

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