One To Watch: ren’s Hot Streak Continues With “new way”

Mike Wass | January 29, 2020 4:01 am
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Toronto’s ren generated major buzz in 2019 with viral hits like “waves” and “mind games.” The 17-year-old then ended the year on a high note by introducing her debut EP with a grungy anthem called “idc.” She now keeps the hot streak going in 2020. Produced by Jeff Hazin, “new way” is a fuzzy pop/rock moment with alt appeal. In that it’s catchy enough for radio, but gritty enough to set ren apart from all the other talented teens with a record deal.

“It’s been twelve days since I had a cry, my eyes are dry,” the breakout star begins the song. “All of these feelings I’m feeling inside, I don’t know why.” It turns out that ren isn’t used to being treated well and she’s not sure if she even wants a drama-free relationship. “I need a new way to hate you, I’m not used to feeling this good,” the newcomer pouts on the chorus. “I wish you’d fuck up, so I could talk shit about you in a song.” Fair enough. Watch the Lebni Avitia-directed visual below.

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