Inside ‘The Zone: The Ultimate Britney Spears Fan Experience’

Mike Wass | January 30, 2020 6:27 am
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Britney Spears fans will descend upon Los Angeles, California en masse on Friday (January 31) to check out The Zone. The pop-up experience, which is spread over 30,000 square feet, celebrates the legendary hitmaker’s impact and legacy by bringing some of her most iconic videos to life. There are 10 rooms in all, each dedicated to a different visual and era. Imagine spending time at Britney High (a love letter to “…Baby One More Time”) or taking a flight on the airplane from “Toxic.”

We sent along Mario Aguilera, Idolator contributor and Britney mega-fan, to take a sneak peek at the exhibit and he’s still recovering from the semi-religious experience. How does it work? “You are given a RFID wristband when you enter, which allows you to download an app,” he explains. “You then scan it in certain areas to take pics or boomerangs, and they’re automatically uploaded to the app.” As for highlights, well, fans are spoilt for choice. “Circus, Blackout, and Slave 4 U are the best rooms” in Mario’s opinion.

Circus has a giant ball pit, which you can jump into. They have the tour jacket and bikes from the ‘Boys’ performance as well as the Circus Tour program.” He was equally smitten by Blackout. “It’s for the faithful. The room has been transformed into a church and Blackout is playing on a loop as opposed to the other rooms that just play one song.” As for Slave 4 U? “The room is jungle-themed with a giant menacing snake. They have the performance playing on a screen that looks like a waterfall.”

The Zone is fully endorsed and supported by Britney. The massive installation is located on the corner of Fairfax and W 3rd St in Los Angeles, CA. There’s even a retail storefront, which will debut five different merchandise collections exclusive to the exhibit, including “Britney Army,” “Work Bitch,” “The Zone Collection,” “Britney Bitch,” and “Pride Collection.” The Zone was produced by Black Sky Creative and SRExperiences. You can buy your ticket to this once-in-a-lifetime event here.

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