Hayley Williams Explores Loss On New Single “Leave It Alone”

Mike Wass | January 30, 2020 3:59 pm
Hayley Williams Drops 'Simmer'
The Paramore singer introduces her debut solo LP with 'Simmer.'

Hayley Williams’ long-awaited solo project is off to a flying start. The Paramore hitmaker introduced Petals For Armor (due May 8) with a mysterious, rage-filled song called “Simmer” and now takes us further down the rabbit hole on “Leave It Alone.” This time around, the 31-year-old focuses on loss. “Don’t nobody tell me that god don’t have a sense of humor,” she begins the song. “‘Cause now that I want to live, well, everybody around me is dying.” It turns out, the lyrics are quite literal.

The singer/songwriter opened up about “Leave It Alone” in an interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe. “[My grandmother is] 50 years older than me, so she’s 81 now,” Hayley revealed. “The day after her 80th, my 30th, she fell… all the way down my mom’s stairs and [suffered] head trauma.” Thankfully she survived, but there were complications. “She doesn’t really remember everything… I just thought like, what is the point of loving people? Even in the best case scenario is I fall in love, we have a life together and then we lose one or the other.”

Hayley explores the themes of love, loss and rebirth in the striking, Warren Fu-directed “Leave It Alone” video, which picks up where the “Simmer Interlude” visual left off. Namely, with the rock icon encased in a giant cocoon. It’s creepy, beautiful and more than a little harrowing — just like the circle of life. Watch below.

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