R3HAB, ZAYN & Jungleboi’s “Flames” Video Is A Dystopian Nightmare

Mike Wass | January 30, 2020 4:26 pm
ZAYN, R3HAB & Jungleboi's 'Flames'
Dutch DJ R3HAB taps ZAYN and Jungleboi for a new banger called 'Flames.'

R3HAB’s genre-bridging “Flames,” a collaboration with ZAYN and Jungleboi, was one of the best EDM-hybrids of 2019. The soulful banger now gets an elaborate video based on a concept from the featured vocalist. “When I first read ZAYN’s ideas, I was immediately sold,” the superstar DJ reveals. “The look, the feel, the vibe of the story, and the visuals fit the song’s mood just perfectly.” So what was the One Direction superstar’s vision? A dystopian world where “a mysterious black-cloaked figure [is] surrounded by brainwashed, uniform humans.”

It just gets bleaker from there. “In this alternate world, all humans are worker bees under an egalitarian and robotic ruler,” according to the press release. Don’t worry, there’s a happy-ish ending. “Flames is a song full of emotions and departure,” ZAYN elaborates. “I wanted this video to reflect this and capture the characters plight which we can all relate to. I love the look, feel, and grittiness that the [directors] captured from my concept.” Watch the striking video, which was directed by Frank Borin and Ivanna Borin, below.

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