Laugh Out Loud Funny: The Best Comedy Albums Of All Time

(remove) Noelle Talmon | January 31, 2020 5:12 pm

Long live the comedy album. While most comedy bits are absorbed on YouTube or Netflix these days, up through the early 2000s, fans frequently listened to stand-up routines on vinyl, cassette tape, and CDs. Some of these routines have been preserved through cable TV specials, while others are audio-only. That doesn’t make them less entertaining.

None of these comedy albums will surprise you. They all feature famous comics and comedic troupes that have (or had) been entertaining audiences for years.

Robin Williams Covered Hot Topics Of The ’80s In A Night at the Met

Robin Williams was one of comedy’s most beloved stars. In 1986, he released his third official album, A Night at the Met, which was recorded live in New York City at the Metropolitan Opera. The album was so good that Williams won a Grammy award for the project.

Robin Williams performing live

During his epic stand-up routine, Williams waxed on about being a parent, sobriety, and pertinent topics of the 1980s, including global politics.