Justin Bieber Partners With Spotify To Reveal ‘Changes’ Tracklist

Mike Nied | February 4, 2020 4:15 pm
Justin Bieber Returns With 'Yummy'
And he's back! The pop star kicks off a new era with a banger called 'Yummy.'

EDIT: The post has been updated with the full, official tracklist of Justin’s new album. Check it out below.

Time is ticking down to the release of Justin Bieber’s Changes. And we still have some questions ahead of its February 14 drop date. For instance, will the LP sound more like “Yummy” or the Kehlani-assisted “Get Me.” Clearly, we’re hoping for the latter. Additionally we still aren’t sure what’s on the tracklist. Although today (February 4) the 25-year-old partnered to Spotify to spill some tea on that front. They teamed up with Instagram to create a filter that reveals what song you are on the album. Through that, clever Beliebers have been able to piece together the full list of titles.

Of course both “Yummy” and “Get Me” made the cut. As does the Summer Walker remix of the not-quite chart-topping lead single. Another song that we were already aware of is “Intentions,” which features Quavo. Others to keep an eye on include “All Around Me,” “Come Around Me,” “Habitual,” “Running Over” and “Take It Out On Me.” Check out the list of songs below. We’ll re-order the titles and fill in any remaining collaborations once we know exactly how they line up on the tracklist. You can also find out what song you are off Changes here.

Changes Tracklist

1. All Around Me
2. Habitual
3. Come Around Me
4. Intentions (ft. Quavo)
5. Yummy
6. Available
7. Forever (ft. Post Malone & Clever)
8. Running Over (ft. Lil Dicky)
9. Take It Out On Me
10. Second Emotion (ft. Travis Scott)
11. Get Me (ft. Kehlani)
12. ETA
13. Changes
14. Confirmation
15. That’s What Love Is
16. At Least For Now
17. Yummy (Summer Walker Remix)

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