Hayley Williams Unveils Cover Of ‘Petals For Armor,’ Drops Dua Lipa Cover

Mike Wass | February 6, 2020 5:09 am
Hayley Williams Drops 'Simmer'
The Paramore singer introduces her debut solo LP with 'Simmer.'

Hayley Williams hasn’t put a foot wrong since announcing her solo endeavor. The Paramore singer introduced Petals For Armor (out May 8) with a searing, rage-fueled anthem called “Simmer” and then mused about love and loss on the introspective “Leave It Alone.” Both songs were accompanied by stunning visuals, setting the stage for an eclectic, beautifully-crafted era. The 31-year-old builds on that momentum by unveiling the cover of Petals For Armor, which offers a closeup of the hitmaker with a pattern of black squares on her face (below).

But wait, there’s more! Hayley also started promoting the project with a brief, but brilliant set for BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge. She started by tearing into “Simmer,” which sounds even better live, and then mixed things up by delivering a cover of Dua Lipa’s “Don’t Start Now.” The disco-pop anthem might not seem like the obvious choice, but it’s essentially a post breakup anthem — a song about the moment you move on (or at least pretend to). In Hayley’s hands, it becomes a slinky mid-tempo that stands toe-to-toe with the original.

Watch Hayley’s BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge performances at the bottom of the post.

Hayley covers Dua:

Hayley’s “Simmer”:

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