The Pussycat Dolls Return With Pop-Saving Bop “React”

Mike Nied | February 7, 2020 12:04 am

UPDATE: Keep an eye on the “React” video premiere below.

Hold on to your wigs, because The Pussycat Dolls are about to snatch them clean off your heads. Back in November the legendary troupe got back together for a performance on X Factor: Celebrity ahead of this year’s reunion tour. During the hit-filled, perfectly choreographed set, Nicole Scherzinger and Co. teased a new single called “React.” Then they kept us waiting for literal months to hear it in full. Well, the wait is finally over, and pop is saved. The Dolls’ first single in more than a decade is a supersized banger as sassy as the classics like “Beep” or “Wait A Minute.”

On it, they play with an overly nice man’s emotions in the hopes of eliciting a more… powerful reaction. “Every time I leave, you pull me closer. I hang up the phone, you call me back. Why don’t you mess me ’round like you’re supposed to? You’re turning me cruel ’cause I’m just wanting you to react,” they coo. “Now I know the nice guys turn me bad. The less you do the more it makes me crazy. You’re turning me cruel ’cause I’m just wanting you to react.” This most certainly qualifies as one of the first standout releases of 2020 and deserves to be a chart-dominating smash.

And it’s all but guaranteed to get a massive boost from the accompanying video. Inspired by their comeback performance, it looks like a blockbuster complete with water, fire and eye-popping dance moves. While we wait for that to arrive press play on “React” below.

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