Dagny Introduces Debut LP With Flirty Pop Anthem “Come Over”

Mike Wass | February 10, 2020 5:09 am
Future Hit: Dagny's 'Wearing Nothing'
Dagny could be the next Scandi-diva to break big. Fall in love with 'Wearing Nothing.'

Since breaking through with “Backbeat” back in 2016, Dagny has delivered an immaculate EP (there isn’t a less than great song on Ultraviolet) and a flood of stand-alone singles and killer collaborations. The Norwegian pop star even earned a writing credit on Katy Perry’s “Never Really Over.” She is finally ready to move forward with her debut LP and it’s going to be Scandipop perfection if “Come Over” is any indication. Make no mistake, this sugary, synth-drenched bop is one of the year’s first, great pure-pop moments.

“The song is a pretty self-explanatory, cheeky little thing that celebrates the ‘meet and greet’: phase of a (potential) relationship,” the 29-year-old explains in the press release. “Let me put it like this: if you meet someone you’re intrigued by, then ‘Come Over’ is your fearless, ballsy and excited invitation to get to know ’em… particularly if they are a fireman who likes puppies.” Of course, Dagny is referring to the candy-colored video, which features shirtless firemen and cute puppies. Watch below.

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