Melanie Martinez Taps Tierra Whack For “Copy Cat”

Mike Nied | February 10, 2020 11:12 am

Mondays really are the worst day of the week. However, Melanie Martinez has a plan to lift our spirits today (February 10). Instead of joining last week’s New Music Friday rush, the 24-year-old waited until this morning to drop her latest tune “Copy Cat.” And she’s got another eerie but enchanting hit on her hands with the Tierra Whack-assisted bop. On it, they both address a certain someone who has borrowed their style quite liberally. “You’re a copy cat. You take it and you leave it, honey. You just like that,” Melanie coos.

However, she takes a stand on the bridge. “Find someone else to leach on, lady. My blood’s for me. Not for you, baby.” That’s when Tierra comes in with an equally impassioned verse of her own. Melanie explained the song’s origins on social media. “This song was written years ago and from an empathetic perspective even while in a very hurt place. We’re all told that imitation is flattery to ease the pain that the ego feels when other people get credited for our ideas and our work,” she explained.

“But being human includes feeling a multitude of feelings and naturally this song came about when expressing those very raw emotions.” Time will tell if this is the first taste of a follow-up to last year’s incredibly ambitious K-12. Rumor has it that Melanie is prepping an EP called After School. If so, expect another otherworldly collection. While we wait for more details, press play on “Copy Cat” below.

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