King Princess Rolls Out “Ohio” From Deluxe Version Of ‘Cheap Queen’

Mike Wass | February 11, 2020 4:26 pm
King Princess' Quirky 'Talia' Video
The breakout star romances a mannequin in her quirky 'Talia' video.

King Princess delivered one of the best albums of 2019 with the delightfully eclectic and brazenly queer Cheap Queen. Happily, the 21-year-old isn’t quite done with her debut era yet. On Friday (February 14), she will release a deluxe version of the album with five new songs. The first to arrive is called “Ohio” and will already be familiar to fans given that it is (or at least was) a staple of her live set. “How’s it been in Ohio, babe?” King Princess begins the sprawling rock moment. “Do you think about me when you’re going home?”

The breakout star waxes lyrical about the tyranny of distance on the chorus. “‘Cause I’ve been getting rich, but everything I love is broke,” she growls on the chorus/refrain. “So what’s good? Is it me or is it you?” In addition to “Ohio,” the deluxe version of Cheap Queen also includes previously unreleased tracks “All Dressed in White,” “Forget About It,” “Best Friend” and “Back Of A Cab.” If they are anywhere near as good as “Ohio,” the album will be an essential addition to your collection. Watch King Princess’s “Ohio” video below.

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