Cam Announces New Single “Till There’s Nothing Left”

Mike Wass | February 13, 2020 4:00 pm

UPDATE: It’s here. Press play on Cam’s new single “Till There’s Nothing Left” below.

Cam Talks 'Diane' & Her Sophomore LP: Interview
Rising country star Cam tells us about her new single and sophomore LP.

Five years have passed since Cam’s “Burning House” conquered country radio and eventually crossed over. Since then, the singer/songwriter has been tinkering away at her sophomore LP — dropping a sprinkling of new music along the way. (“Diane” and “Road To Happiness” are both essential listening). She even mixed things up by jumping on Diplo’s country/dance hybrid “So Long,” which ranked as one of last year’s best songs. Happily, it looks like Cam is finally ready to plunge into her sophomore era with the announcement of “Till There’s Nothing Left.”

The Cali native unveiled the cover of her new single, which she has previously performed on tour, on social media and revealed that it drops February 13. What can we expect from Cam’s much-anticipated sophomore set? “I’m definitely not the artist that has one sound and you have 12 tracks of that one sound,” she told me back in 2018. “I mean, some people like that. But I think for me, it has to be a journey. So not one song sounds like another and they all are unique stories, but I think they all come from the same place.”

Check out the cover of “Till There’s Nothing Left” below.

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