Alex Newell Returns With Fierce Bop “Boy, You Can Keep It”

Mike Wass | February 12, 2020 5:13 pm

While Alex Newell will forever be remembered Wade “Unique” Adams (the one true queen of Glee), the 27-year-old has carved out a successful career since the show ended. He, which is his preferred pronoun, got off to a flying start with “Nobody To Love” and then served us four more bangers on 2016’s Power EP. That also year also brought us the impeccable “Kill The Lights” — a club-conquering collaboration with DJ Cassidy from the Vinyl soundtrack. Since then, Alex has dedicated his time to Broadway and acting gigs.

That is until now. The powerhouse vocalist makes a welcome return to music today (February 12) with a fierce banger called “Boy, You Can Keep It.” There’s something about Alex’s soulful pipes and thumping club beats that just works. So, what’s the song about? “Material things aren’t everything in a relationship,” the triple threat explains. “They aren’t how you measure love. I’m saying, ‘I don’t need everything that you think I do.’ I’m looking for something you can’t monetize. I want something real.” Watch the glamorous video below.

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