Monsta X Makes History With ‘ALL ABOUT LUV,’ Stream It Here

Mike Nied | February 14, 2020 1:33 am

This week’s New Music Friday is doubly special. First of all we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day, so it’s jam-packed with a slew of loved-up hits and emo delights that cater to both the dating and single crowds. More importantly, it’s also the week two of our most-anticipated albums of 2020 arrive. Today (February 14) we’re diving into new projects from Monsta X and Justin Bieber. The K-Pop Kings join the fray with ALL ABOUT LUV, and they make history in the process. Why? Because they now have the first album that’s been entirely recorded in English by a K-Pop group.

And it’s more than just a landmark release. It’s also overflowing with bops. Clocking in at 11 songs, there are familiar numbers alongside several new gems. All of them are tied together by romantic themes. What titles should we already know? ALL ABOUT LUV opens with the French Montana-assisted “WHO DO U LOVE?” Monsta X closes out the tracklist with a stomping remix of the track courtesy of In between the two, they also slotted in last year’s singles. That includes the cheeky “LOVE U,” their wistful “SOMEONE’S SOMEONE” and “MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT.”

Interestingly, their Sebastián Yatra collaboration “Magnetic” didn’t make the cut. On the bright side we do get a new track called “BESIDE U” that features Pitbull. Mr. WorldWide brings his traditional swagger to the jet-setting anthem. Other songs that emerge as highlights after a first listen include “HAPPY WITHOUT ME” and “GOT MY NUMBER.” The former is a surprisingly honest breakup track about how difficult it is to see your ex moving on. Meanwhile the latter is a cute bop with a relentlessly catchy chorus. In all, Monsta X comes through with a strong listening experience from start to finish.

Press play on ALL ABOUT LUV below and let us know what songs speak to you.

UPDATE: A former iteration of this post mislabeled Monsta X’s Pitbull collaboration as “FIND U.” It has since been corrected.

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